About MAsset Recovery.

Neil Ripston - Owner - MAsset Recovery LLC.

Previously I was employed at a local company in Holyoke called Gretag Imaging. Gretag manufactured machines that were used to develop film and produce pictures in the wholesale and the retail environments. While working at Gretag Imaging I struck a deal to sell old items destined for the scrap heap. This ended up being a lot of fun.

When Gretag Imaging went bankrupt in 2003 I started MAsset Recovery. My goals are to ensure that my customers are satisified by providing them a quality product. I pride myself in making sure my customers are happy and you can see that by looking at my eBay feedback here! If you have an item you would like to sell on eBay (and want someone else to do it), contact me and I will evaluate what it could be worth.